Driftless Food Guide FAQ

This publication is separate from Inspire(d), and thus the ads are sold separately.

Yes! If you think of yourself as someone who loves and supports local food, we would love to have you as an advertiser!

As long as your business fits into one of our food-related business categories below, you certainly can!
• Farmer / Producer
• Destination Farm
• Plants / Garden Supplies
• Restaurant
• Ice Cream
• Cheese
• Bakery
• Coffee
• Beer / Wine / Spirits
• Grocery / Retail
• Catering
• Bed & Breakfast
• Food-related Event
• Other (specify your food-related business)

If you think your business works for one of these, then go ahead and submit your listing – we’re happy to have you on board!

If you’re a food-related business (see categories above), you don’t! This is a value-added bonus for food-related businesses that plan to buy an ad in the Driftless Food Guide. The fee for the listing is waived with purchase of an ad!

You can absolutely choose to just do the listing alone – that’s $75. We will email invoices for those once we receive and process the submission. (Remember, the directory is for food-related businesses only, though.)

The $75 listing is text only. There’s a possibility we’ll have a little more space this year for some imagery, though, so there’s an option to upload a photo of you or your business with your listing (logos won’t get printed).

Our base-level ads are a little more expensive ($230), but here’s what we’ve got going for us:

  • The base-level ads are larger (1/8th page rather than 1/10th – and there are options for bigger ads too)
  • We’re printing more Guides (20,000-25,000)
  • There’s a longer rack period (six months)
  • This publication will be more pages (between 36-52) with its own thick, matter cover and glossy pages inside, and content will be food/drink/farmer/producer related. It is its own publication, totally separate from Inspire(d), and it’s pretty darn awesome!

Yes! The ad sizes are the same, so if you want to use a design we’ve already put together, we’re good to go!

Maybe! Since we’ll only make one of these per year, we plan pretty far out. But that’s not a no! Fill out the “What’s Your Story?” form at the bottom of the page and we’ll see! Thanks!

What's Your Story?

Are you a farmer, producer, or other type of foodie entrepreneur in the Driftless Region? Got a great story? Is your business totally awesome? Tell us about it! You never know: Maybe we’ll feature you in next year’s Driftless Food Guide!